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Psychologies represents: excerpt from the Disney/Pixar cartoon “Puzzle”

What is happening in the head of the child? This question worries all the parents of the world who have adolescence children. On the same, director Pit Dokter, who received his head, was racking his head, watching his own daughter Ellie grow up.

The head center is the headquarters in the mind of Riley, where five emotions live and work, fixing what is happening with the heroine day a day, and controlling her actions.

“The idea of the head center was born at the very beginning of work on the film,” says Pete Docter, director of the film. – We understood that emotions should work in some similarity of the office room with the control console. The only thing that caused hot debate is how the buttons should look on this console look. As a result, we decided that the management should be extremely simplified, so that it was clear that Riley could still control his mood. “. Ralph Egglston, the filmmaker of the film, adds: “The head center is vaguely resembles a hypothalamus who theoretically is responsible for the cognitive activity of our consciousness”.

There are shelves in the head center, which stores memories accumulated Riley per day. They are color spheres that can lose the events recorded in memory. Each memory is painted in the color of the emotion that is responsible for its appearance. The day at the rink, for example, is stained in yellow, because the event was joyful.

Riley’s personality islands draw energy in key memories that are of particular importance in the life of a girl. According to Egglston, the islands are located almost 12 kilometers from the head center. “There are various buildings on the islands that clearly demonstrate the essence of each of them,” says the artist-prostate. -It was impossible to arrange them closer to the headquarters, otherwise the islands would seem too large. It also made no sense to place them either, otherwise it would be impossible to make out what for the buildings they were worth. We quickly determined the optimal removal from the head center “.

“Memories of events for the current day are accumulating in short -term memory,” says producer John Lasseter, “and at night during sleep, the memories of short -term memory literally merge. And only those events that are painted with

this or that emotion fall into long -term memory. Everyone else falls straight to the memory dump. We were told about this by psychologists and other scientists dealing with these issues “.

“In fact, this film about what it means to be parents,” says producer Jonas River. – I am a parent myself, and in my life there were many points when I wanted time to stop forever. But this should not be. Our parental goal is not to crush and force, but to direct and prompt. “.

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